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frivolous vitriol
Hot Sexellence and public displays of roller disco
Hello new year babies, I wrote some fic for yuletide and this was it:

Operation Luxembourg  - Bruno inadvertently insults the dukes of the Luxembourg music scene, Cathy is a menace, and Boots blames Beyoncé.

Bruno and Boots from MacDonald Hall are invited to Diane's wedding. NATURALLY, they must attend as PRETEND BOYFRIENDS. For reasons. 

bluebells and a hawthorn tree
 - We were hardly soulmates, Frank and I, but I did (and still do) feel a tie to him that I can’t ignore.
That tie placed me in Whitethorn House, as much as Lexie’s echoing call.

Cassie (and Lexie) and Frank and Daniel, before and during The Likeness (His Dark Materials fusion).

You are all splendid. May 2016 shine on you kindly!


dispatch a ninja
Once again, I won Yuletide. EVERY YEAR the kids come through and knock me out with their gifty brilliance. This time, I got two exquisite stories.

and the forest will give us the answer

I wasn't sure that Macdonald Hall and The Raven Cycle could work as a fusion - but the parallels are there, and this was charming through and through.

if you won't say it first

There's a built-in deficit of kissing in The Raven Cycle. This story does its level best to address that issue. 

Seriously, these gems are both worth your time. Skedaddle on over and heap them with praise!


dispatch a ninja

Hello Yule Santa, 

I already love your story, because it's hand crafted especially for me.

Here is some. Additional info? Just in case. I didn't. um. ramble on excitedly for days the other day ha. yes. (Again, spoilers galore for Raven Cycle, so tread lightly if you haven't read them.)

What do you like about the canon? What do you like about the characters, if you specified?

The Raven Cycle

I love how much Gansey loves EVERYONE. I love his focus and his drive and how he wants to be something GREAT, not out of misplaced ambition, but because he feels his life isn’t his own, and that he owes it to the world (and maybe Noah in particular, now that he knows Noah’s dead) to make something good happen. I love Blue’s cluttered little crowded house, and the Pig, as much a character as Noah, really. I love Blue being practical even when she really wishes she wasn’t, or at least didn’t have to be. I love Adam trying to trust the world he has now, letting himself drift closer to the heart of it, no longer on the fringes and feeling unworthy. I love Ronon for the way he loves things: he loves Chainsaw plainly and purely, he loves Cabeswater elementally, he loves his friends the only way he can: truly but through a bitter filter, and he loves his family – probably even Declan. (What would have happened, I wonder, if Ronon had, say, answered Declan’s phone call and come upon The Gray Man meticulously beating his brother half to death? Things, I think, would have turned out very differently. Man, what the hell was the Ronon Gansey knew before Niall’s death even like? Did he already hate Declan? Gansey likely met Niall—what did they think of each other?)

The Queen’s Thief

I love that Gen GROWS UP. He stops being a brash, willful little self-involved punk (even though his intentions were always good). He BECOMES. I love that Attolia lets herself love him and lets herself trust the world again, even though the threats against her and her nation are probably greater than ever. I love that Eddis is their friend before she’s a ruler. I love that Costis loved Gen ages before he knew he did, and that Gen loves him unswervingly, and maybe did (just a little) even before he chose poor Costis as his unwitting linchpin. I love that Sophos is going to blush every time he touches Eddis’ hand for, like, a solid year.

Lord Peter Whimsey Mysteries

I love how self-aware Peter is, and how invested he is, and how much compassion he has for the murderers.  I love how short-tempered Harriet can be, and how she suffers no fools, and how she fights being in love with Peter for ages (for what, isn't it like SEVEN YEARS?), right until she can't anymore and then goes all in.  I have always, I should admit, been a little disappointed in her for not solving Gaudy Night before Peter, but then she was handicapped by a threat to her sanity and her ideals and the place she held as a sanctuary and everybody was freaking out, so. I forgive. I do love when Harriet finally admits she loves Peter (and I love how Peter finally REALLY understands why his constant/playful/earnest proposals were maybe kind of inappropriate and even, dare I say it, bullying.) Bunter always felt perhaps a little underdeveloped, his noble devotion to Peter aside, so if you wanted to write something from his POV, I would dig it!

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Phryne is witty and elegant, but kind and thoughtful. She feels for the people she’s dealing with, and that’s why she’s always adopting the neediest kids. I love her tasteful chapeaus but I love the way she really looks at people, and so humanely, best. I do adore the way she loves Jack, it just glows out of her, and he's so entranced and fighting it so hard, poor fellow. YEARNING!

Mad Men

I love it best when the ladies OWN IT. When Joan lets someone know that she’s got their number, when Peggy kills it at a presentation, or loses her shit and lets people HAVE IT when someone’s mean to her. Dawn, quiet but wise to timing, and carving a place for herself with both confidence and competence. I love it when they’re on top of their game, and taking the time to enjoy the moment – like when Sally decided to kiss the scientist kid who had a sense of wonder instead of the sneering hot guy during the moon walk. In that instant, we knew Sally would definitely not grow up to her mother. She would choose for herself.

MacDonald Hall

Gordon Korman must have loved his school. Bruno’s schemes are fundamentally big-hearted, if often misguided (at least back when he was 12). Bruno’s irrepressible spirit, his can-do attitude and his grand plans are the reason MacDonald Hall is so delightful – but Bruno would be half the man he is without his friend Boots. That constant, solid, if sometimes sighing, eye-rolling and reluctant, support made Bruno great. Bruno believes in himself, yes, but without Boots to believe in him, too, he would probably just be... delusional. And maybe even imaginary altogether.  BRUNO/BOOTS 5EVA!!!eleventy!!111!!

What kind of stories do you like/dislike, what you like about these particular fandoms/characters, fandom-specific prompts?

While I have found a cathartic cry both beautiful and satisfying, at the end of the day, I will always prefer a happy ending.  I don't care for maiming injuries or major character deaths (drawing room murders and/or ghosts don't apply to this, natch).  I love any kind of close relationship, be it best friends or passionate lovers.  I just want everyone to be happy, basically.

How do you feel about crossovers and AUs of various sorts?

I love crossovers.  ADORE them!  (You may have noticed that I have been plainly angling for a Wimsey/Fisher mystery!) I tend to love them best if I know both fandoms, so there's that, but mostly: <3.  I dig an elegant mashup, man. And since characterization is my FAVORITE, and clever AUs can make characters pop, bring it on!

What genre (sff/action/romance/procedural/character study, etc) do you like/dislike?

I like everything! I am not kidding. Every time I’m like, eh, that’s not my favorite, then someone will write something amazing and I’ll be all, hey! THAT’S PRETTY GOOD. I would say what my actual least favorite is, but I fear you’d take it as a gauntlet being thrown.

Do you have any squicks/triggers/things generally you don't want?

I don't like humiliation or hate or physical suffering (I would probably make an exception in Gen’s case, since his work is so dangerous/demanding) or misogyny, but I feel like you'd never write stuff like that anyway, Yule Santa!!

How do you feel about het/gen/slash/femslash?

Yes, please! I can be persuaded of poly (RAVEN BOYS YESSSSSS), but in general, I like to keep it to two people (who love each other!) in bed at a time.

OMG, though now I kind of want Peter/Harriet/Phryne... a really lot?

Do you have tropes/details/kinks you like particularly?

"Happy Ending" is probably my main trope.  I don't think that's even a trope, really, but.  I love me a good body swap, actually, and maybe above all others PRETEND BOYFRIENDS/GIRLFRIENDS. WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE???? (por ejemplo: Phryne/Harriet posing to infiltrate a society of wealthy lesbians, to learn who REALLY killed Lady Ladidahblahblahblah! Orla/Adam, or Helen/Adam for realsies pretending as bros to fuck with someone, but RONON/ADAM until oops! they FALL IN LOVE.) I think that could work in just about every fandom I’ve ever been in.

What ratings do you prefer?

I love all ratings, and dig the most modest to the most explicit; sometimes just having someone brush the backs of their fingers against the back of someone else's hand can be infinitely sigh-deeply satisfying – I might find TRIPLE X a little jarring in a Wimsey story or Queen’s Thief, but those modern kids in Henrietta can be all they can be.

where it's at: YULETIDE
I feel funny and my pants are: YULETIDE
the world is singing and it sounds like: YULETIDE

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Hello, hello, I had a baby about eight months ago and he has six teeth. He's very nice, if you like babies. He loves peek-a-boo the way I love Yuletide, so I hope he grows up to be an enthusiastic person who loves stuff and also things passionately but in a fun, harmless way fueled by peppy excitability and bouncy hand-holding hugjumps.

Even though I have a baby and work a full time job, I took three hours out of my day to sign up for Yuletide and think about what I'd like and daydream about friendhugs and I don't care, I'm probably going to write at least two default stories, too, who needs sleep when I have LOVE?


I am betting all kinds of cool shit. This is what I'm especially hoping for (um, may be spoilery for Raven Boys if you haven't read it):

THE RAVEN CYCLE by Maggie Stiefvater

RONON: tell me about his tattoo. Did he dream it? Did he pay someone? Did he draw it himself and hand some pencil-smeared crumpled sheet to some bored woman with a bar in her tongue and smudged eyeliner? Who was Ronon's first kiss? RONON + KAVINSKY= ???

Ronon and Adam: give me every fight off camera, every time they made up, every time they hung out without Gansey and got scabbed up with skateboards and parkour and other things Gansey was too single-minded to squander his time doing. Every look Ronon gives Adam, every time Adam notices. Orla and Adam making out at a party for... reasons.

Also: Ronon and Noah being bros! Let's all recall the beautiful time Ronon threw Noah OUT A WINDOW FOR FUN! Granted, after he was dead, but Noah's rep as a scaredy cat HAS to come from Ronon daring him to do stupid shit he was not into.

Noah almost certainly met Gansey before he met Ronon, but did Ronon meet Gansey before Noah? Whatever happened to Noah's cheating girlfriend? Was Noah just some awful tagalong dudebro before he was murdered? A kid who would drink his mother's birthday schnapps, but always regret it? Can Ronan dream him alive again? Can Ronon/Adam dream him alive again? Maybe there could be. Ghost Sex/Threesomes? Foursomes. Fivesomes, because why leave anyone out? With Blue for battery charge and kissing Noah so no one dies who isn't already dead. And Gansey needs a kiss proxy. Um. yes. Adam's 18 and technically, Noah's in his mid-twenties! Blue apparently turned 18 right before school starts in Blue Lily (even though she was only 16 when she meets the boys in April but HANDWAVE HANDWAVE HANDWAVE!) and Ronon's as old as he wants to be, since he is basically a GOD. He can dream himself up a nice birth certificate.

Ronon and Blue being bros! More than anyone else, even her cousin Orla, Blue has a Bitchface for Ronon that translates as annoyed sibling affection, and when he hugs her in the cave to keep her from falling into the void lake and hooks his chin over her shoulder: they should dance together at someone's wedding and get drunk and watch cartoons and make fun of each other, is what I'm saying. This could be the same party Adam and Orla make out at, that would be OK by me.

Gansey/Ronon and Gansey/Adam and Gansey/Blue yes yes yes to any and all above. Gansey with his clear brow and his far-seeing eyes and his ugly glasses and his tiny cardboard town.

Tell me about Calla. Who did she meet first, Persephone or Maura? Who is on the deed for the house at Fox Way?

Jimi is Maura's sister, but basically all we know about Jimi is just that. That and she's psychic and has a daughter. Orla at least has personality to spare.

How is Neeve a half-aunt? Do all the sisters share a mother? What is Neeve's dealio, anyway? How did she get so creepy? I assume she was ALWAYS creepy--but that bird mask is above and beyond - where did she get it? Is she just Evil because there are opportunities for advancement, or does she truly have a dark heart?

Declan. When the Grey Man was beating the shit out of him, I just felt... so bad for him. He's so alone, right? He's got money, but interchangeable girlfriends. Ronon hates him for... reasons that are never really explained. Declan seems to want what's best for Ronon, even though he's no one's favorite. How old was he when Matthew was "born"? How "old" was Matthew when he came to be? Did Declan have to learn to lie because he knew his father's secrets all along? Much longer than Ronon, Niall's "true" heir? Ugh, Niall is the worst. What is up with Ashley? Is she a plant, and if so, who's paying her [IS IT GANSEY II?????]; if not, does she find Declan interesting, or Declan's *family* interesting?

Does Matthew know he's a dream? Ronon didn't know it, and Declan did - but for how long?

I had this as a description of what I like in Sports Night stories, but it translates surprisingly well to the Raven Cycle: My friend Punk says, "I'm betting you probably want hugs, and maybe some good times. UST. Sweetly awkward first dates. A quest to find the perfect sweater [in Blue's case, MAKE THE PERFECT SWEATER OUT OF POMPOMs and/or FUZZY GLOVES]. Followed by a quest to defeat evil [GIVEN]. Handholding. Friendship. Make outs in the backseat of a car [IS NIALL'S DREAM BMW MAGIC IF NOT WHY NOT] [THE PIG, OBVS, NO MATTER WHO IS IN THE BACK SEAT]. Sharing a soda in the library. Rollerskating. Ice cream socials. CLAMBAKES. [***OBVIOUSLY*** THE GANSEYS HAVE A CLAMBAKE FUNDRAISER/SOCIETY WEDDING where Ronon and Blue can dance and Orla and Adam can make out] Finding a mysterious thing in the closet [CANDY FROM A BABY RE: NIALL'S CLOSETS AT THE BARNS]. Teamwork. [TEAMWORK!] A literal roll in the hay. [YES, THIS, THE BARNS, YESSSSSS]"

Hopefully I've given you a place to start.

THE QUEEN'S THIEF - Megan Whalen Turner

Obviously I will read anything about Gen doing anything: practicing his pickpocketing skills at court, teasing Costis, braiding Attolia's hair. I also love Eddis and Gen being bros and just chatting and sniping back and forth. As above, Punk's description of what I like translates nicely: "I'm betting you probably want hugs, and maybe some good times. UST. Sweetly awkward first dates [HELEN AND SOPHOS, I'M LOOKING AT YOU]. A quest to find the perfect sweater [in Gen's case, something striking to distract an enemy, or in Attolia's to intimidate someone she needs a favor from]. Followed by a quest to defeat evil [HOW DOES ONE DEFEAT AN ENTIRE EVIL EMPIRE AND/OR VOLCANO]. Handholding. Friendship. Make outs in the backseat of a car [maybe canoodling in a cart?]. Sharing a soda in the library [GEN WILL CUT YOU IF YOU SPILL COFFEE ON HIS SCROLLS]. Rollerskating. Ice cream socials. CLAMBAKES. Finding a mysterious thing in the closet [AND STEALING THEM]. Teamwork. [TEAMWORK!] A literal roll in the hay. [YESSSSSS, ATTOLIA WILL GET STRAW IN HER HAIR AND GEN WILL LAUGH AND LAUGH]"

LORD PETER WIMSEY - Dorothy L. Sayers

I would like a post-Busman's Honeymoon or post-Gaudy Night dinners and banter and sweet make outs. Bonus for mysteries! Or espionage~ Perhaps they lay one of the Wimsey ghosts to rest?

OH MAN OR: a crossover with Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries? Harriet and Phryne would get along like a house on fire: Phryne could flirt with Peter [OBVIOUSLY SHE IS AN OLD GIRLFRIEND FROM PARIS WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT] and share smart clothes with Harriet and Phryne would be adrift without Jack of course, but perhaps... Bunter might cheer her nights?



OH MAN How about a crossover with Sayers's Peter Whimsy novels? Harriet and Phryne would get along like a house on fire: Phryne could flirt with Peter [OBVIOUSLY HE IS AN OLD BOYFRIEND FROM HER DAYS IN PARIS OR A NURSE ON THE BATTLEFIELD TREATING HIS SHELLSHOCK YESSSSSSSSS] and share smart clothes with Harriet and Phryne would be adrift without Jack of course [if she's in England and the Wimsey's aren't visiting HER], but perhaps... Bunter might cheer her nights? Or perhaps Bunter's noble brow might give Dot a little crush she's dreadfully ashamed of and makes poor Hugh sigh and despair.

Sumptuous dinners and cocktail banter and sweet make outs. Bonus for mysteries! Or espionage...


Joan and Peggy and Sally and Dawn in 1982. They're all successful, natch, but what are they doing? PLEASE TO DESCRIBE and if you have Peggy and Stan still together I will hug your face and if they're not together and she's not with Joyce (at least as friends drinking and talking shit about people at expensive bars) I will weep many sad tears.


MACDONALD HALL - Gordon Korman

The guys end up at different colleges. At different grad schools. In different countries. But they do keep in touch. AND THEY FALL IN LOVE AND GET MARRIED after, I am sure, countless ridiculous hijinx. OMG if you get all epistolary on me I may have to COVER YOU IN GOLD STARS AND FESTOON YOU WITH CANDY HEARTS!!!

AS YOU SEE I am a little excited about YULETIDE YULETIDE YULETIDE yesssssssssssssssss

I feel funny and my pants are: exuberant

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Oh, hello. I'm just here to wish you a gorgeous and exquisitely pleasant 2015 and to BRAG ABOUT THE YULETIDE STORIES I GOT BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST ONES.

What, a Sports Night story that features my personal kryptonite DAN IN SWEATERS? Yes. Yes, indeed. Also grammar fun and cuteness and Casey being a sweetheart/dork.

80% Wool.

Oh, and hey, I got a lovely treat for picking up a pinch hit - and they made miracles happen for our Scorcher from Tana French's Broken Harbour. You may recall that I asked my Yule Santa for ALL THE HUGS for Scorcher, and look, look, he gets them!

Good Tidings

I haven't had much time to dive into the archive yet, but I know there will be SO MUCH to swim around in, oh, Yuletide, you are the champion of everything.

FYI, every Queen's Thief Story I've read so far (and I've barely read a fraction from just this year, because I haven't had any time) has been fucking SUPERB.

I look forward to all the stuff I hope to find in Mindy Project, Brooklyn 99, Miss Fisher Mysteries, Raven Cycle, EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING!!!!!

WOOOOOO! Yuletide.


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Hello buttercups, 'tis I, here to ask you to: check the batteries in your fire alarms, poke at your outlets and make sure no papers/dust/pet hair is gunking anything up and that they're not running hot or frayed, and if you have a space heater or an electric blanket sort of doo-dad, make sure you're following usage guidelines and that they're not shoved up between a couch and a wall while they're on, because that's what happened in the apartment directly above ours last night.

A ten unit apartment building was nearly razed because of a space heater, but it was 9 PM on a Friday instead of 3 AM on a weekday, or 2 PM on a weekday, and we were home after dinner watching The Cabin in the Woods, and HEARD THE ALARM FOR PROBABLY HALF AN HOUR before I thought to text the landlord about it. To be fair, I thought it was just a wakeup alarm-alarm, because Kris sometimes sets more than when she's trying to get up for an appointment - and our alarm is more of the EHN EHN EHN honk than a BEEP BEEP BEEP and Mike and Kris actually went outside to find out which apartment was beeping, but it was dark and the door was cold, so we figured it was a false alarm.

Of course, we didn't know it was a fire until the new tenants came home from their own dinner, and banged on the upstairs doors yelling FIRE.

Instead of losing all of our electronics due to water damage, we got one wet couch cushion from the most ideally placed ceiling leak imaginable: someplace we would notice it right away so it wouldn't get mildewed, and thoughtfully distanced from any outlets or lamps or laptops.

We checked our fire alarms in the bedroom and the living room today AND THEY WERE BOTH DEAD ::cue hollow laughter:: even though I am pretty vigilant about that shit and I swear we bought some 9 volts at a 7-11 not very long ago, so maybe buy a dry erase marker and write the date you put the battery in on the case? Which is what we will do later today.

And because emergencies affect everyone differently, maybe have a bug-out bag. I actually do, with: passports, first aid kids, a handcrank/solar powered radio that is also a flashlight and a cell phone battery charger, a spare iPhone charger, water bottles and granola bars, allergy medicine and a sewing kit, - but I didn't actually remember to get it, although I had the presence of mind to grab a sweater, a jacket, a scarf, my wallet, cell and a charger, Matt's phone and wallet, an asthma inhaler and Burt's Bees before fucking with proper shutdown of the PS3 for five minutes for no good reason. It seemed very important at the time. PRIORITIES, FOLKS. I also wanted to get Kris to move her car before the firemen came, but their reaction time was better than ours, and the car got boxed in the fenced lot by FOUR TRUCKS. ::cue more hollow laughter::

So: no water damage to our electronics or Matt's books - you know, the things he uses to earn his living - no injuries to anyone in the building, and only real damage to the new guy's apartment just above ours, especially a charred couch that was full of down and has left sticky blackened feathers clinging to the stairs. There's supposed to be a cleaning crew coming to fix up his apartment this morning, and hopefully they'll do preventative things so that we don't black mold in the walls/floors above.

Meanwhile, one wet cushion isn't much to complain about.

Stay safe out there, kids!

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I'm swimming at a gym. I'm not drinking ALL THE POP. I'm cooking foods FROM INGREDIENTS. I'm even reading QUALITY LITERACHUH (when I'm not reading adorable porny Teen Wolf AUs. Ah ha ha hahah: this just in, I find I have a canon issue, because Teen Wolf is pretty, but it doesn't make a lot of sense, and I have read so much AU fiction that as I was watching Season 1 and 2 [I watched part 2 of Season 3 first], I was constantly BAFFLED by how MEAN Derek is. I UNDERSTAND why he's mean: he's flailing and terrible at his job and scared out of his mind and alone alone alone the way a wolf never should be, but he's SO mean that it's totally cognitive dissonance every time I see him. Where are the hugs? Why aren't they in college or part owners of a tech startup? Why isn't Derek softly kissing the back of Stiles' neck??) ANYHOO, so much self-improving, you guys, Anne of Green Gables and Marilla would both be proud of me.

Since I somehow spend all fall waiting for Yuletide signups and then always manage to ALMOST miss them, I'm only SORT of sure I actually signed up this year, and also I was just having a total mindblank about what I even wanted for Yuletide this year, and I consulted Punk, who gave us these sage words:

"I'm betting you probably want hugs, and maybe some good times. UST. Sweetly awkward first dates. A quest to find the perfect sweater. Followed by a quest to defeat evil. Handholding. Friendship. Make outs in the backseat of a car. Sharing a soda in the library. Rollerskating. Ice cream socials. CLAMBAKES. Finding a mysterious thing in the closet. Teamwork. A literal roll in the hay."

She is not wrong. Any or all of these things would be stellar additions to almost any of the fandoms listed below.

Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater

My yuletide leanings tend to be gen, but this year I’ve got a yen for some slashy Raven Boys. Suggestive rather than explicit would be preferred, but go with your gut. And if you ARE feeling gen-y, backstory on the half-aunts ahoy!

Book Two opened the doors WIDE. Also, Kavinsky has Ronan's number. Also, 'Just the way you like it, fast and anonymous.' I mean. Dang.

Also Noah? Can Ronan dream him alive again? Can Ronon/Adam (Ronan/Adam/Blue is also a thing that could maybe happen???) dream him alive again? Maybe there could be. Ghost Sex/Threesomes? Um. yes. Adam's 18 and technically, Noah's in his mid-twenties!

Ronan/Adam: both with ridiculous power, both angry and so broken, always fighting and making up off camera. After Kavinsky, and Adam and Blue are no longer a possibility, who moves first?

Alternately: ANYTHING about any/all the half-aunts! How they met, roomed together, flashbacks to Puppy and/or all the women of the house and their pasts, romantic and otherwise.

PLUS: I somehow only just found out there's a new book, and I promise I will have read it by Yuletide, so feel free to draw from any new canon as well!!

The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner

I would love to see more from Eddis' point of view on anything/everything that happens in the books. I love the fact that she and Gen are FRIENDS, they are such bros, her baby bro who gives her guff but respects her so much. Obviously I will read anything about Gen doing anything: practicing his pickpocketing skills at court, hanging out with his brothers and sisters, maybe something from his grandfather's POV? I feel like Gen is the baby of the family, and an autumn crocus, too. Anything from the Magus' POV would also be rad. BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL RAD OK?

Dublin Murder Squad Series - Tana French

I just re-read Broken Harbour recently, before The Secret Place came out. I was too freaked out and paralyzed by creepiness of BH the first time to really understand just how desperately lonely Scorcher is, and how very genuinely fond he was of Richie, and how Richie was fucking ADORABLE and A+ about being a good mate and second. So. If he and Richie could somehow... have ALL THE HUGS, jesus, Scorcher needs so many hugs. Please write a nice little unlikely fix it for our Scorcher?

That said, I would like to see more of anyone from the French books, in any setting you would like. I'm intrigued by the idea of Cassie haunting 'Lexie's' life - visiting her other hides and being mistaken for Lexie again and again by the people she knew. Maybe telling them Lexie was dead, penance for her ghost, maybe just... slipping back into one of Lexie's other lives and starting fresh.

How about something narrated by Sam? I feel, like, 90% sure that all that late night whiskey and hanging out together with Cassie and Rob ended in at LEAST one inappropriate kiss for/from at LEAST two people.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV)

Terry is my absolute favorite, and I love what a good mom he is to Holt's Captain Dad. If you could give me some ridiculousness involving Terry trying to shepherd his motley crew to behave properly at some glitzy event (all the kids in such fancy clothes!) where there's a ton of media to dodge/placate/stay silent in the face of, that would be super fun.

In other news, I totally ship Amy with either Jake or Rosa (but PROBABLY more with Rosa, because, YES) so any goofy romantic hijinx you care to shoehorn anywhere at all would be superb. BONUS POINTS for casefic!! WOO SOLVIN' CRIMES! Bonus points for flashbacks/re-enactments!! [SIDEBAR: Boyle is fine and all, but if he ends up getting Rosa as his actual girlfriend (I am cautiously optimistic about this NOT happening in canon) I will fling myself from a mountaintop. Just: no. The Earnest Little Guy should not win "the girl" just because he wants her. ::breathes deeply::]

Sports Night

I love Danny. And Danny loves Casey. And let's face it, Casey is an *asshole*. He doesn't deserve Danny. (I am willing to entertain the idea that Danny isn't all sunshine and roses, but still. He's not an asshole as much as he is just sad, and also in love with someone who's bad for him.)

But Danny loves him, and Casey isn't irredeemable, and he loves Danny, too. If you write something happy, where Casey goes out of his way to deserve Danny? I will love you as much as Danny loves Casey. THAT IS SO MUCH, YOU GUYS. (I also love Natalie/Jeremy beyond reason, so any glimpse of them would also be especially nice. Natalie and Dana being rad pals is also gravy! How about a little gratuitous Kim, while you're at it?)

The Golem and the Jinni - Helene Wecker

As they are both basically immortal, I would like a series of vignettes, maybe every ten years, as these two meet again here and there over the years, and witness the world as she turns and changes. If a little romance was to sneak in, I would not be averse.

Thanks, Yule Santa! See you in the new year!



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Time Travel Dinosaur is out and about! Would you like to read a chooseomatic adventure THROUGH TIME? Visit steampunk robot history, the middle ages, the Cretaceous Period! Hang with the Time Patrol, wrestle with T-Rexes, BE A T-REX!!!! SO MUCH ADVENTURE, YOU GUYS.

In other news, I have been reading a lot of Teen Wolf. Please to be sending me links to things that are happy endings and sexy and bantery and plot is nice, too: where Derek and Stiles are (mostly) legal and Scott is his adorable apple pie sweetheart self. I typically swerve away from BDSM, Alpha/Omega/Mpreg stuff in any fandoms (I RECENTLY RELUCTANTLY LEARNED WHAT KNOTTING IS AND NO, THANK YOU), so. Awww, Derek/Stiles. And hugs.


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This kiddo's idea is super genius, so maybe send some dollars her way?
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You totally can!

Got any dough to send to someone who has no water in Detroit?


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Don't you want to read Child of a Hidden Sea THE MOST???

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It's Free RPG Day, kids! Grab a demo copy of TIME TRAVEL DINOSAUR at a participating shop near you!
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Who wants to win an Advanced Reading Copy of CHILD OF A HIDDEN SEA, by Alyx Dellamonica? Is it you? It's you, isn't it?

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If you like zombies, romance and explosive chemistry, perhaps you would like this horror collection of short stories, where each story contains all three of those themes?

Roms, Bombs & Zoms is cheap as free on Amazon for Kindle today!

I can tell you that our story is not very scary, but the other stories can bring you all the chills you crave! If you crave them!

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The kickstarter kicked! We made our goal!! You are all gorgeous and amazing!!!


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Three days left to back the Chooseomatic Kickstarter, just $300 from funding!!!


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M. Pants has a Kickstarter to raise funds for giveaways to be sent to game shops for FREE RPG DAY. It's also your first opportunity to get TIME TRAVEL DINOSAUR and CONSPIRACY FRIENDS VOL. 1: Clandestine Maneuvers in the Dark.

In other news, I've had a gruesome cold for over a week, and I've been playing a lot of video games and getting caught up on Teen Wolf.

This show. Is bananas.

I have yet to read actual fic for it - mostly, I just see Tumblr posts about stories that SHOULD be written, or outlines. So. ::koff:: Any Derek/Stiles recs for me?

How about Sherlock fic recs?


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Zombocalypse Now is a game app on iOS and Android! If you would like to see additional art and win achievement badges, now is the time, people.


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Conspiracy Friends has its first anniversary! It's a good day to catch up all the SECRET MEETINGS and MYSTERIOUS FORCES!!
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SURPRISE! The app edition of M. Pants Chooseomatic book Zombocalypse Now is live in the Google Play store! Added features include music, achievements, and 13 new illustrations!!! Woohoohooooooooo!

I feel funny and my pants are: ecstatic

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